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US Energy Ministry, nuclear power capacity in the Middle East at ...

Exchanges with Osaka / Dubai City (United Arab Emirates) The US Department of Energy Energy Information Administration, an independent statistical analysis agency (DOE) (EIA) is month, it announced the results of an analysis of the predicted future for nuclear power installed capacity in the Middle East, 0 years current capacity 00,000 kW is 0 years of Yakubai before, it showed the prospect of to expand up to 00,000 kW. It pointed out that the new nuclear power plant construction in the area began and, as a basis that is becoming a new construction contract is signed between the reactor manufacturers. From it in to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 00 years is 00,000 kW is the planned installation, we are analyzing and to lead the short-term nuclear growth of the region. According to the EIA, the main cause of nuclear power in the Middle East region is in the expansionary trend, the presence of countries that aim to strengthen the energy supply guaranteed by the dependent reduction of the fossil fuel. In the region to 0 years and that the amount of power generation depends on fossil fuel, the breakdown was about about the oil of natural gas.

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