Exchanges with Osaka / Dubai City (United Arab Emirates)


High Theory excellent opinion] influence Mr Putin of Russia growing ...

Exchanges with Osaka / Dubai City (United Arab Emirates) Russian influence is growing in the Middle East. Was particularly surprised Middle East experts in the world, was the hospitality the first time in the Saudi government at the time of the Russian President Vladimir Putin visit. In fact, President Vladimir Putin was the capital Riyadh filled in this month day, was supposed to be subject to a red carpet welcome by the welcome ceremony, including the departure of the salute. Then, Salman king met with President Putin, [Saudi Arabia, Russia is regarded as something of value the active role it plays in the region and the world, the establishment of security stability peace, extremism and the fight against terrorism, economic growth We expect that we are working together to promote. Many of the agreements, joint venture investment and trade opportunities between the two countries, which is especially established in agreements in the energy sector, talks and bring about a significant positive outcomes in the two countries and the two peoples], with Russia in the political and economic both sides to expanding relationships had expressed the hope.

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