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"The Hurt Locker" - the next economic growth engine Middle East or ...

Exchanges with Osaka / Dubai City (United Arab Emirates) To the "Avatar" that the image of Indians in the SF movie, The Hurt Locker is the Iraq war of the real world, in that respect, is a patriotic content of the United States (the Obama administration will continue to send troops to the Middle East ing). Economic growth is considered to toward the "west". The center of Europe the United States Japan China Asian countries India in northeast Africa and the economy is either not there shifting. India's next at that point is also likely to be in the Middle East. Speaking of the Middle East, geographically distant when viewed from Japan. And, First crude oil, Islam, the image is strong, such as desert, white of that man, and black ethnic costumes woman, somehow the Japanese "distant". In other words, the Middle East is the [far distant]. Outside acquisition capability in the Middle East due to crude oil and natural gas is significant. The resulting foreign currency, is still fresh in our minds was to swagger a government-based fund SWF (sovereign wealth fund) and the world. Despite such as the Dubai shock, economic growth rate if you look at generally, Japan, as well actually higher than Asia.

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